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1.2 Ton Excavator
1.7 Ton Excavator
2.5 Ton Excavator
3.5 Ton Excavator
5 Ton Excavator
8 Ton Excavator
10 Ton Excavator
12 Ton Wheel Excavator
13 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
14 - 15 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
20 - 23 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
23 - 25 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
1.5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
1.6 Ton Remote Control Trench Roller
2.5 - 3 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
3.5 Ton Padfoot Roller
4 Ton Combi Roller
4 - 5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
5 Ton Padfoot Roller
7 - 8 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Padfoot Roller
8 Ton PTR Roller
12 - 13 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
12 - 14 Ton Padfoot Roller
12 Ton PTR Roller
16 Ton Padfoot Roller
58KG Trench Rammer
300KG Plate Compactor
450KG Reversible Plate Compactor
800KG Remote Control Plate Compactor
7 - 8 Ton Bulldozer
9 - 10 Ton Bulldozer
13 - 15 Ton Bulldozer
20 Ton Bulldozer
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
Cormidi C85 ML Mini Loader
1.6 Ton Track Loader - PT30
2.6 - 3 Ton Track Loader - PT50, T450
3 Ton Wheel Loader - 0.5m3 Bucket
3.5 - 4 Ton Track Loader
4.0 - 4.5 Ton Track Loader - Case 320, 380
5 - 6 Ton Wheel Loader - 1m3 Bucket
7 - 9 Ton Wheel Loader - 1.2m3 Bucket
10 - 12 Ton Wheel Loader - 2m3 Bucket
13 - 14 Ton Wheel Loader
800KG Cormidi C85 Track Dumper - High Tip
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Straight Tip
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.5 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.6 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 - 4 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
6 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
9 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel or Straight Tip
Morooka 10 Ton Rubber Track Dumper
Hydrema 912 - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 912HM - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 922 - 22 Ton 6 Wheel Articulated Dumper
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Diesel Telescopic Boom Lifts
Electric Slab Scissor Lifts
Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts
Mast Lifts
2.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
3.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
Kubota B3150 Tractor Road Broom Trailer
3 Ton Tipper Truck
5 Ton Tipper Truck
8 Ton Tipper Truck
11 Ton Tipper Truck
1200L Watertank on Trailer
2500L Slip-on Watertank
3000L Watercart
5000L Slip-on Watertank
6000L Watercart
8000L Watercart
10,000L Watercart
1.5 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
3 - 4 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
Kubota B3150 Sweeper Tractor
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC700XL
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC1000XL
Mobile Topsoil Screener
RTV 1140 Kubota All Terrain Vehicle
4 in 1 Bucket
Auger Drive Unit
Auger Equipment
Compaction Wheel
Digging and Rocket Bucket
Drum Cutter
Hydraulic Tilt Bucket
Multi Grab Bucket
Pallet Fork
Rock Breaker
Root Rake
Rotating Grapple
Screening Bucket
Sharp Grade Leveller
Single Tine Ripper Pick
Spade and Trench Bucket
Spreader or Leveller Bar
Sweeper Broom Attachment
Trencher Attachment
Vibro Plate Compactor
Wide Bucket
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23-25 Ton Excavator - short radius

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06 Dec 2023

Q&A with our Rental Manager - Bronson Flett

🌟 Meet Bronson Flett, the Rental Manager at Pronto Hire 👋 From visiting clients to purchasing machines, he’s the driving force behind a seamless hire experience. We caught up with Bronson to hear his insights on all things Pronto Hire:

1️⃣ How has the demand for specific types of machinery changed or evolved this year compared to previous years?

2023 saw a shift towards hiring rather than buying machinery. Construction companies are choosing to preserve cash flow and enhance operational flexibility, giving them the ability to easily adapt to project-specific needs and different sizes of equipment. Hiring equipment also eliminates worrying about maintenance costs and servicing, as these are done in house at Pronto Hire. On top of that, the financial appeal extends to tax advantages, as companies can claim rental expenses as fully tax-deductible, further optimizing cost-effectiveness in construction operations.

2️⃣ Considering the current market trends, have you noticed any particular shifts in the types of projects or industries seeking our equipment?

As everyone knows, this year has been extremely wet, with Cyclone Gabriel causing major damage in parts of NZ. With the number of slips, ruined drain’s, culverts, etc, we have seen client’s workload playing in the ‘reactive, and maintenance’ industry skyrocket. This has substantially increased the demand for equipment (such as larger excavators on rubber pads/shoes).

3️⃣ In light of this year’s challenges or opportunities, have there been any adaptations or innovations in the services offered by Pronto Hire?

To ensure we maintain our aim to provide the fastest response times in the industry, we have added more trucks to our transport fleet. With a lot more ‘reactive’ work going on, it gives our clients peace of mind knowing when they need equipment, we can deliver on-time, every time – keeping their projects on track.

4️⃣ Have you introduced any new technologies or initiatives this year to enhance the efficiency or effectiveness of your machine rentals?

We are continually investing in the best gear and latest technologies in machinery to ensure our customers projects are kept on track. Recently we have added a few GPS machine control excavators to our fleet to continue this promise. With tighter deadlines, and lack of human resources in the construction industry, this technology helps our clients get their job done quicker, and under budget.

Thank you Bronson for giving us insights into the year of 2023; including changes in machinery demand, industry trends, and Pronto Hire’s commitment to help “drive projects forward” 🙌

If you have any questions you would like Bronson to respond to, let us know so we can add to our next spotlight!