Access Equipment
Grader Tractors
Chippers & Splitters
1.2 Ton Excavator
1.7 Ton Excavator
2.5 Ton Excavator
3.5 Ton Excavator
5 Ton Excavator
8 Ton Excavator
10 Ton Excavator
12 Ton Wheel Excavator
13 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
14 - 15 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
20 - 23 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
23 - 25 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
1.5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
1.6 Ton Remote Control Trench Roller
2.5 - 3 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
3.5 Ton Padfoot Roller
4 Ton Combi Roller
4 - 5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
5 Ton Padfoot Roller
7 - 8 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Padfoot Roller
8 Ton PTR Roller
12 - 13 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
12 - 14 Ton Padfoot Roller
12 Ton PTR Roller
16 Ton Padfoot Roller
58KG Trench Rammer
300KG Plate Compactor
450KG Reversible Plate Compactor
800KG Remote Control Plate Compactor
7 - 8 Ton Bulldozer
9 - 10 Ton Bulldozer
13 - 15 Ton Bulldozer
20 Ton Bulldozer
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
Cormidi C85 ML Mini Loader
1.6 Ton Track Loader - PT30
2.6 - 3 Ton Track Loader - PT50, T450
3 Ton Wheel Loader - 0.5m3 Bucket
3.5 - 4 Ton Track Loader
4.0 - 4.5 Ton Track Loader - Case 320, 380
5 - 6 Ton Wheel Loader - 1m3 Bucket
7 - 9 Ton Wheel Loader - 1.2m3 Bucket
10 - 12 Ton Wheel Loader - 2m3 Bucket
13 - 14 Ton Wheel Loader
800KG Cormidi C85 Track Dumper - High Tip
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Straight Tip
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.5 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.6 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 - 4 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
6 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
9 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel or Straight Tip
Morooka 10 Ton Rubber Track Dumper
Hydrema 912 - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 912HM - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 922 - 22 Ton 6 Wheel Articulated Dumper
Electric Boom Lifts
Diesel Articulating Knuckle Boom Lifts
Diesel Telescopic Boom Lifts
Electric Slab Scissor Lifts
Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts
Mast Lifts
2.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
3.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
Kubota B3150 Tractor Road Broom Trailer
3 Ton Tipper Truck
5 Ton Tipper Truck
8 Ton Tipper Truck
11 Ton Tipper Truck
1200L Watertank on Trailer
2500L Slip-on Watertank
3000L Watercart
5000L Slip-on Watertank
6000L Watercart
8000L Watercart
10,000L Watercart
1.5 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
3 - 4 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
Kubota B3150 Sweeper Tractor
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC700XL
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC1000XL
Mobile Topsoil Screener
RTV 1140 Kubota All Terrain Vehicle
4 in 1 Bucket
Auger Drive Unit
Auger Equipment
Compaction Wheel
Digging and Rocket Bucket
Drum Cutter
Hydraulic Tilt Bucket
Multi Grab Bucket
Pallet Fork
Rock Breaker
Root Rake
Rotating Grapple
Screening Bucket
Sharp Grade Leveller
Single Tine Ripper Pick
Spade and Trench Bucket
Spreader or Leveller Bar
Sweeper Broom Attachment
Trencher Attachment
Vibro Plate Compactor
Wide Bucket
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23-25 Ton Excavator - short radius

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18 Dec 2023

What You Should Do Before Returning Your Dry Hire Equipment?

At Pronto Hire we understand that returning dry hire equipment can involve multiple steps, and we are here to support you through the process. To ensure a hassle-free experience, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for you to follow before returning your dry hire equipment:

Clean the equipment

At Pronto Hire, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards for our equipment. Prior to every hire, we ensure the equipment is clean both inside and out. Given the nature of the jobs dry hire equipment carry out, they can get dirty especially when working in a muddy or dusty environments. We understand your time is valuable, and cleaning the equipment may not be a task you can easily fit into your schedule. That is why we offer the convenience of choosing whether to clean the equipment yourself or opting for our cleaning service at an additional fee. By providing this option, we aim to make this process more flexible for you, allowing you to focus on your projects without any added stress.

Check for damages

For all bookings we recieve, we ensure that the machines have had an inspection by our mechanics and operations team before heading out of our yard, to ensure they are in optimal condition for your use. To offer you complete transparency, we capture photographs of both the interior and exterior of the equipment at the beginning and end of every hire. Before returning the equipment, please take a moment to inspect it for any damages. If you notice any damages, or are unsure if the damaged has happened during your hire, please inform us immediately. We will assess the damages and take the necessary steps to address them, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Organize the equipment

When returning your dry hire equipment, please ensure you have everything together to help speed up the offhire process. Check and confirm that we have received all the items. If attachments, keys or fuel caps have not been returned we'll be happy to assist in locating them to complete the final off-hire process smoothly. Any missing items will result in either a fee for replacement.

Extending your rental

Life gets busy, and we understand that schedules can change and timelines may need to be altered. If you need the equipment for a longer period of time, we kindly encourage you to let our team know. This helps us manage our inventory and ensures that we are able to provide equipment to other customers who may need it. At Pronto Hire we aim to accomodate all hire requests. In the event that we cannot extend your current booking, we are more than happy to explore alternative options that can better suit your requirements.

Communicate with us

If you have any questions or concerns about the equipment or queries on your hire term, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on 0800 PRONTO (77 66 86) or Our team are here to help and want to ensure that you have a positive, seamless and hassle free experience with Pronto Hire.