Rough Terrain Vehicles, commonly known as RTVs are a machine for every task – known for their high performance, durability, and reliability. To explain in short, a RTV is a 2 or 4 seated oversized quad for off-road use with a tray in the rear and knobbly flotation tyres to cope with different terrains. Although often unnoticed due to the behind-the-scenes type of work they do, RTVs are everywhere including construction sites, where they are becoming the first choice for transporting workers and equipment.

These all-rounded workhorses can bring a lot of value to different job sites. Once you implement a RTV on your construction site, you will quickly realize how efficient and convenient they are. They could quite possibly end up being the most frequently used piece of equipment! However, it is important to choose the right vehicle to get the most out of it.

RTVs are often used to move substantial loads around job sites, including tools, hardscape materials to utility piping. Therefore, you must choose the vehicle that has adequate load-hauling capability. Depending on the tasks it will be carrying out, you will need to select one with more than enough rear cargo and towing capacity. You will need to know what material it will be carrying to help you decide whether you need a steel or plastic cargo bed, the steel being much more durable.

You will need to pick a RTV that can handle the terrain on your job site. This is because you need stability to get reliability. Take note the terrain changes depending on the weather. The vehicle will have to have a suspension system that provides stable transport on any terrain, no matter what task it is carrying out. Once you find one that can get through muddy conditions while carrying team members or tools, your time savings are huge.

Tight spaces are never an obstacle with the size and manoeuvrability of RTVs, which gives them a plus on construction sites!

Hassle-free maintenance equals less downtime, and who would complain about that? Some utility vehicles were designed so that services would be quick and simple, which meant maintenance could be performed no matter when or where.

What we all love but don’t always get. Comfort. Why bother using a RTV that doesn’t provide a comfortable cab and smooth ride? This is where an advanced suspension system is needed – for example a four-wheel independent suspension with a sway bar to deliver a balance between smooth riding and load hauling. Also look for a RTV that doesn’t require a lot of effort to get in and out of with sufficient head, shoulder, and legroom.

It is important to have a RTV with minimal noise and vibration levels while operating. This is especially good for having a conversation while driving as it is a perfect time to catch up with your team.

The cost savings by the RTVs are endless; increasing production, reducing repair and maintenance costs, and ultimately providing a safer alternative for your business and employees.


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