Hire over buy at Pronto

Being in the construction industry, heavy machinery is a necessity. However, it isn’t always practical to buy a piece of equipment only to use it for one job. Here are some reasons why you should hire from a reputable dealer like Pronto Hire, rather than buy.

The right machine for the job

When it comes to construction, no two projects are the same. This means the equipment you will need to use may vary as well. Hiring allows you to choose from a variety of different machines to suit your project. It also gives you the option to replace with another machine whenever you want. Once your job is complete, you can simply return the equipment and move on.

Purchasing the wrong equipment for your job can cause a lot of problems. Operators have to double their efforts when using a machine that is too small for the job. For example, you would be forced to move materials in more trips than necessary if you had a machine with a smaller load capacity compared to if you had access to machines with higher load capacity. On the other hand, there are more safety and operating concerns that can put workers and structures at risk of injury or damage if machines that are too big or small for the job are used incorrectly.

It is also important to use machines with the right specifications for the job. Every machine type, for example excavators, have a variety of models with unique features designed for specific applications. If you purchased equipment for your current need, it may not be what is needed for your next project so could be inefficient and a waste of time and costs.

Pronto Hire has a wide range of reliable, dependable equipment. Whatever you need for you job, and whenever you need, we can help you choose the right machines so that you can get through more efficiently.


You will know how helpful it is to have the ability to rent equipment at short-notice if you have ever faced shortages. Even for the most prepared contractor, tough construction jobs can sometimes bring up unexpected obstacles. Having the flexibility to hire specific gear fast is vital for success in today’s construction world, and it gives you a competitive advantage.

If you required a machine for a project immediately when purchasing, you will have to first check if the supplier has one in stock, and then wait for it to arrive. You also may have supply delays when purchasing equipment due to Covid 19. When hiring, you are in control of the pickup or delivery time frame. If you needed an excavator for a week as soon as possible, you could get it. If you needed a smooth drum roller for a day tomorrow, you could get that. It can be there when you start and gone when you finish.


When you own equipment, you have the ongoing responsibility of repairs and maintenance that all heavy equipment requires to remain in top condition. For a start, you will need to consider whether you have workshop space and the tools and machine parts to carry out repairs and maintenance. You may even need to hire a mechanic, which adds labour cost. If you come across unexpected machinery breakdowns, you will be forced to pay for emergency repairs, as well as the downtime. You will also need to manage equipment records, and schedule and coordinate ongoing preventive maintenance. Time is money, and this can take a lot of work.

You get more than just a machine when you hire from Pronto. Service is part of the package. With a healthy stock of spare parts, we can supply crucial parts on-hand that can be delivered or picked up whenever they’re needed. We also have in-house mechanics, who can maintain and repair machines no matter where they are. This decreases the risk of interruptions in production time almost certainly. In turn, hiring won’t only benefit your company, but also business owners who will see how to it has affected their stress levels and time management. It finally becomes someone else’s responsibility!

If there is a machine breakdown (it’s a fact of life, even new machines can breakdown), Pronto Hire can swap it out immediately, and supply you with another machine to enable minimal downtime, so you can get the job done.

Free storage

When you own equipment, there is bound to be machines that sit unused and need to be stored until their next job. The more machines you own, the more space you will need to store them all. This can be quite expensive. Not only do you have to rent or own a storage space, there’s also the cost of insurance and security to protect these valuable assets.

When renting a machine, there is no need to worry about storage. This is a huge advantage in keeping overhead costs low. You do not need to provide space for your equipment for long term storage, and you do not need to invest in security to keep your equipment safe. Once you have completed a project, you can give us a call for quick pickup, and we will take care of the rest.

Improve Cash Flow

Because you aren’t required to make any capital investments and other related expenditures including repair costs and maintenance, hiring machinery allows you to improve your cash flow and gives you the potential to recover up to 100% of your rental costs. Having this flexibility is necessary when running a construction business, as there is always the possibility that something will go wrong. Another benefit is that the banks don’t view rental equipment as an investment liability, which gives you better buying and borrowing power in the long run. In addition, you can claim rental equipment as an expense deduction. This in turn allows you to keep more money in your pocket, giving you the opportunity to reinvest your profits back into your company. It’s a win win all round!

Controlled Project Budget

Knowing exactly what you are paying for renting equipment allows you have more control over your project’s costs. Simply ask for a quotation from your supplier such as Pronto Hire and take the pressure of surprise expenses away. Just have the equipment when you need it, and reserve funds for other significant investments you may require for your project. Estimating your construction budget becomes a lot easier when knowing upfront what your equipment costs are, which results in a more profitable project.

Maintain Strong Borrowing Power

Depending on the amount and circumstance, capital-equipment debt or an aging machine could weaken your company’s overall financial perception when thinking in terms of assets and liabilities. This would make it harder to obtain business loans from banks. Banks do not see rental expenses as a liability on the balance sheet, so choosing to hire equipment maintains stronger borrowing power for your company.


Owning equipment is expensive. On top of the initial machine cost, over time the value of the equipment depreciates. Hiring from Pronto allows you to use the latest equipment without the concern of costly depreciation. You will also have peace of mind knowing you will get well-maintained machines even for just short-term use.

Tax Advantage

All rental / hirage at Pronto is 100% tax deductible, which allows you to keep more money and reinvest your profits back into your company.

Try before you buy

If you are interested in a new machine but not sure about committing to a purchase, hiring gives the opportunity of testing out different models to find the right fit for your fleet. This way you can see how it performs, how your operators like it and whether it’s the right model for you. This way you can prevent regrets of purchasing the wrong machine for your project. Being able to try before you buy is important for any construction own, as it allows the job to keep running smoothly until you have made your decision.


Up-to-date equipment is one of the best ways to be as efficient as possible and succeed in today’s competitive environment. However, updating your fleet is expensive, especially for those who cannot afford it. Hiring from Pronto gives you the opportunity to use late-model, low-hour, reliable machines. You can be assured that the machine will be in good working conditions and meets safety standards. You’ll also be confident that it is unlikely that hired machines will break down, as they are regularly serviced and checked by experienced technicians. And if something unlikely does happen, an on-call maintenance team will be able to take care of it, keeping downtime to a minimum.


Not only are many companies not equipped to move heavy machinery to and from jobsites, but it also adds another step and cost. Hiring from Pronto means the machinery can be pick-up and delivered where and when you want, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Be more competitive

A lot of construction companies pride themselves on having the nicest, newest, best machines they can. But that isn’t always possible when you buy equipment, as they end up getting older and not looking the best. Hiring equipment can help win the work against competitors, as you will be able to provide your client with just as nice, or nicer quality machines. And if they ask for a specific machine, you can be confident that you have access to an efficient, reliable, and diverse fleet of machines, just like the larger companies.

Increased opportunities

There is no need to turn down jobs due to machine shortage or specialty when you can hire equipment. Instead, it can open a door to new opportunities. Maybe the job involves long reach digging, or maybe you need to grade with certain kind of precision. You can be confident that when hiring there are machines that can cater to nearly every application.

Efficiency with peace of mind

Get in touch with Pronto Hire via one phone call – then leave the rest knowing your machine will arrive on time when needed. You need that bulldozer at a specific time? We’ve got your back. You can’t be bothered finding transportation options? Cut the hassle, we can sort that for you. You need a ripper with the machine? We can make that happen. Get your projects on the move with reliable and effective rental machinery and make this year easier than the last.

Start your hire journey

You can easily see how beneficial it is to hire equipment compared to buying. Next time you consider buying an excavator, really think over the advantages of hire for your construction business. If you decide to go with renting, check out our large hire fleet or contact us to help you “drive your projects forward”.