Hydrema dumpers are one of the finest earthmovers on the market; known around the globe for their high performance, low weight, ease of use, and excellent overall durability.

A Hydrema dumper carries out similar tasks to a standard dumper, but to a greater level. They are great all-rounders, making jobs look easy. Some of these tasks include material transportation in large amounts, cleaning demolition sites, jobs on a construction site, and in the mining industry. They are widely known for their smooth operations no matter what or where they are working. If you are looking for a dumper that is comfortable, efficient, and built to last day after day and year after year, Hydrema is the way to go.

The brand Hydrema was founded in 1959 by Kjeld Werner Jensen from a small workshop in Aalborg, Denmark. Knowing the needs and challenges faced on a construction site allowed Kjeld to create machines that portrayed both quality and innovation. With a mission statement “to develop, manufacture and market high-technology earth-moving equipment”, it’s no surprise that Hydrema put everything into the production of their machines. Being equipment based on hydraulics, the company name Hydrema was formed from an abbreviation of the Danish phrase “HYDRauliske Entreprenor MAskiner” (hydraulic earth-moving machinery). Today Hydrema still dominates Denmark as the only manufacture of large earth-moving machinery and equipment.


Hydrema has gone above and beyond in their development by fitting a centre pivot point and hydraulic stabilizers in their dumpers to ensure that they are stable and safe. They automatically transfer weight to where it is needed. They also have a simple chassis design that allows the front and back wheels to run parallel.


These machines don’t only have great stability, but also incredible power. The engine will cope no matter what condition they will work in as they are fitted with one of the best power-to-weight ratios. Bear in mind, due to the high torque they also have reduced noise levels and low fuel consumption.

Easy to operate

One of the best successors of the Hydrema Dumpers is the way they are designed to suit the operator. Their easily accessible features and user-friendly controls make the machine a much sought-after dump truck in the market. It doesn’t take long for someone unfamiliar with this machine to pick up the features and become accustomed to the main functions, which include tipping, gear selection, forwards, reverse, and differential lock.  The Hydrema cab could become an office with its spacious and comfortable cab, air suspension seat, and excellent visibility. What more could you want?

Feel like you need one of our powerful earthmovers on your construction site? Don’t miss out on these compact, highly mobile dumpers with high speed and off-road superiority. Contact us today, and we can find the perfect Hydrema Dump truck for your project!