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1.2 Ton Excavator
1.7 Ton Excavator
2.5 Ton Excavator
3.5 Ton Excavator
5 Ton Excavator
8 Ton Excavator
10 Ton Excavator
12 Ton Wheel Excavator
13 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
14 - 15 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
20 - 23 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
23 - 25 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
1.5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
1.6 Ton Remote Control Trench Roller
2.5 - 3 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
3.5 Ton Padfoot Roller
4 Ton Combi Roller
4 - 5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
5 Ton Padfoot Roller
7 - 8 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Padfoot Roller
8 Ton PTR Roller
12 - 13 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
12 - 14 Ton Padfoot Roller
12 Ton PTR Roller
16 Ton Padfoot Roller
58KG Trench Rammer
300KG Plate Compactor
450KG Reversible Plate Compactor
800KG Remote Control Plate Compactor
7 - 8 Ton Bulldozer
9 - 10 Ton Bulldozer
13 - 15 Ton Bulldozer
20 Ton Bulldozer
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
Cormidi C85 ML Mini Loader
1.6 Ton Track Loader - PT30
2.6 - 3 Ton Track Loader - PT50, T450
3 Ton Wheel Loader - 0.5m3 Bucket
3.5 - 4 Ton Track Loader
4.0 - 4.5 Ton Track Loader - Case 320, 380
5 - 6 Ton Wheel Loader - 1m3 Bucket
7 - 9 Ton Wheel Loader - 1.2m3 Bucket
10 - 12 Ton Wheel Loader - 2m3 Bucket
13 - 14 Ton Wheel Loader
800KG Cormidi C85 Track Dumper - High Tip
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Straight Tip
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.5 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.6 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 - 4 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
6 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
9 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel or Straight Tip
Morooka 10 Ton Rubber Track Dumper
Hydrema 912 - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 912HM - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 922 - 22 Ton 6 Wheel Articulated Dumper
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Diesel Telescopic Boom Lifts
Electric Slab Scissor Lifts
Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts
Mast Lifts
2.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
3.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
Kubota B3150 Tractor Road Broom Trailer
3 Ton Tipper Truck
5 Ton Tipper Truck
8 Ton Tipper Truck
11 Ton Tipper Truck
1200L Watertank on Trailer
2500L Slip-on Watertank
3000L Watercart
5000L Slip-on Watertank
6000L Watercart
8000L Watercart
10,000L Watercart
1.5 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
3 - 4 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
Kubota B3150 Sweeper Tractor
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC700XL
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC1000XL
Mobile Topsoil Screener
RTV 1140 Kubota All Terrain Vehicle
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Drum Cutter
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Multi Grab Bucket
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Root Rake
Rotating Grapple
Screening Bucket
Sharp Grade Leveller
Single Tine Ripper Pick
Spade and Trench Bucket
Spreader or Leveller Bar
Sweeper Broom Attachment
Trencher Attachment
Vibro Plate Compactor
Wide Bucket
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23-25 Ton Excavator - short radius

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17 Apr 2024

Building Success Together: Subseco Ltd's Testimonial on Pronto Hire's Excellence

We absolutely love hearing from our clients, especially when they share their experiences with us. A huge shoutout to Subseco Ltd for their recent testimonial about how Pronto Hire has made a difference for them. Let's dive into what Oliva from Subseco had to say: 

“I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Subseco Ltd, our small civil construction enterprise, to express our satisfaction and gratitude for the exceptional services provided by Pronto Hire. Over the years, we have relied on their expertise and equipment to successfully complete various projects, and they have consistently proven themselves to be an invaluable partner in our operations.

First and foremost, Pronto Hire has an extensive fleet of machinery that caters to our diverse needs. Whether it's excavators, loaders, or any other specialised equipment, they always have a wide range of options available to suit the specific requirements of our projects. In the past, when specific machinery types haven’t been available to us locally, Pronto Hire has been kind enough to search far and wide to supply us with plant essential to the completion of our tasks. Their machinery is meticulously maintained, ensuring optimal performance, and minimising any downtime that could potentially hinder our progress. The reliability and quality of their equipment has significantly contributed to our efficiency and overall success.

The team at Pronto Hire is exceptional in their professionalism and customer service. From the moment we reach out to enquire about their services until the completion of our projects, their staff has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and always ready to offer guidance and advice based on their extensive expertise in the field. Their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction is truly commendable and sets them apart from other companies in the industry.

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the exceptional safety measures implemented by Pronto Hire. They prioritise the well-being of their clients and their own team, ensuring that all machinery is well-maintained, regularly inspected, and complies with industry standards. This commitment to safety aligns with our own values as a responsible business, and it gives us peace of mind knowing that we are partnering with a company that prioritizes the welfare of all stakeholders.

In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend Pronto Hire to any civil construction business in New Zealand. Their comprehensive range of high-quality machinery, exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and unwavering commitment to safety make them the ideal partner for any project. Pronto Hire Machinery has consistently exceeded our expectations, and we are confident that they will continue to do so for others in the industry.

Thank you, Pronto Hire, for being an invaluable partner in our success.”

Olivia's testimonial perfectly highlights the key reasons why Pronto Hire has become such a valued partner for Subseco Ltd. From our extensive fleet of high-quality machinery to our exceptional customer service and dedication to safety, we strive to exceed expectations and ensure the success of every project.

At Pronto Hire, we are committed to providing top-notch service to our clients, and Subseco Ltd's feedback reinforces our dedication to excellence.

Thank you Subseco for believing in us, for trusting us with your projects, and for helping us grow and improve every step of the way. We deeply value the trust you have placed in Pronto Hire and are honoured to be a part of your journey towards success. We look forward to continuing this journey together, driving projects forward and making a positive impact in the construction industry.