Hydrema 922 – 22 Ton 6 Wheel Articulated Dumper

Hydrema 922 – 22 Ton 6 Wheel Articulated Dumper

These high quality Hydrema dump trucks are designed for earthmoving in sensitive ground conditions such as soft, muddy, or rough terrain where the lowest possible ground pressure is required. They are great for transporting large amounts of materials, cleaning up on a demolition site, and carrying out diverse tasks on a construction site. They have been developed and constructed to be used every day, year after year. Being easy to operate, and the driver will soon feel at home with the machine’s manoeuvrability, functions, and comfortable working conditions. You will not be disappointed in the quality, reliability, durability and long service life of this Hydrema.

Models Available: Hydrema

Transport Options: Semi Truck

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