Hydrema 912HM – 12 Ton Articulated Dumper

Hydrema 912HM – 12 Ton Articulated Dumper

The Hydrema HM multi tip dumpers are very fast and efficient machines. Equipped with a 5.6m3 bin and a unique designed suspension system they have the ability to move material very quickly while keeping the impact to soft ground conditions and loading areas to a minimum. This is achieved by the unique way the 2 large hydraulic rams force all four wheels into the ground achieving even ground pressure at all times. This results in reducing the amount of axle pivoting causing the wheels to smash holes or corrugations like a conventional dumper. The bin design also sits very central over the machine so the weight of the load can easily be spread between all four wheels. Equipped with a fully air suspended cab and a power shift ZF transmission the Hydrema 912 keeps operators happy going home at the end of every day ache and pain free unlike other dumpers being operated over rough terrain. The Hydrema HM models are fitted with 800mm extra wide floatation tyres and a 180 degree swill tip bin making these units the perfect machine for working in soft swamp like conditions.Simple easy to use operation makes the Hydrema HM simple to instruct unfamiliar operators.

Models Available: Hydrema

Transport Options: 8 Wheeler Truck

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