Access Equipment
Grader Tractors
Chippers & Splitters
1.2 Ton Excavator
1.7 Ton Excavator
2.5 Ton Excavator
3.5 Ton Excavator
5 Ton Excavator
8 Ton Excavator
10 Ton Excavator
12 Ton Wheel Excavator
13 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
14 - 15 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
20 - 23 Ton Excavator - Conventional Swing
23 - 25 Ton Excavator - Short Radius
1.5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
1.6 Ton Remote Control Trench Roller
2.5 - 3 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
3.5 Ton Padfoot Roller
4 Ton Combi Roller
4 - 5 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
5 Ton Padfoot Roller
7 - 8 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Double Smooth Drum Roller
8 Ton Padfoot Roller
8 Ton PTR Roller
12 - 13 Ton Single Smooth Drum Roller
12 - 14 Ton Padfoot Roller
12 Ton PTR Roller
16 Ton Padfoot Roller
58KG Trench Rammer
300KG Plate Compactor
450KG Reversible Plate Compactor
800KG Remote Control Plate Compactor
7 - 8 Ton Bulldozer
9 - 10 Ton Bulldozer
13 - 15 Ton Bulldozer
20 Ton Bulldozer
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
Cormidi C85 ML Mini Loader
1.6 Ton Track Loader - PT30
2.6 - 3 Ton Track Loader - PT50, T450
3 Ton Wheel Loader - 0.5m3 Bucket
3.5 - 4 Ton Track Loader
4.0 - 4.5 Ton Track Loader - Case 320, 380
5 - 6 Ton Wheel Loader - 1m3 Bucket
7 - 9 Ton Wheel Loader - 1.2m3 Bucket
10 - 12 Ton Wheel Loader - 2m3 Bucket
13 - 14 Ton Wheel Loader
800KG Cormidi C85 Track Dumper - High Tip
Cormidi C85 Self Loading Tracked Dumper
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Straight Tip
1.2 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.5 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
1.6 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 Ton Track Dumper - Swivel Tip
3 - 4 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
6 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel Tip
9 Ton Site Dumper - Swivel or Straight Tip
Morooka 10 Ton Rubber Track Dumper
Hydrema 912 - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 912HM - 12 Ton Articulated Dumper
Hydrema 922 - 22 Ton 6 Wheel Articulated Dumper
Electric Boom Lifts
Diesel Articulating Knuckle Boom Lifts
Diesel Telescopic Boom Lifts
Electric Slab Scissor Lifts
Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts
Mast Lifts
2.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
3.5 Ton Equipment Trailer
Kubota B3150 Tractor Road Broom Trailer
3 Ton Tipper Truck
5 Ton Tipper Truck
8 Ton Tipper Truck
11 Ton Tipper Truck
1200L Watercart
2500L Watercart
3000L Watercart
5000L Watercart
6000L Watercart
8000L Watercart
10,000L Watercart
1.5 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
3 - 4 Ton Kubota Tractor Grader
Kubota B3150 Sweeper Tractor
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC700XL
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC1000XL
Mobile Topsoil Screener
RTV 1140 Kubota All Terrain Vehicle
4 in 1 Bucket
Auger Drive Unit
Auger Equipment
Compaction Wheel
Digging and Rocket Bucket
Drum Cutter
Hydraulic Tilt Bucket
Multi Grab Bucket
Pallet Fork
Rock Breaker
Root Rake
Rotating Grapple
Screening Bucket
Sharp Grade Leveller
Single Tine Ripper Pick
Spade and Trench Bucket
Spreader or Leveller Bar
Sweeper Broom Attachment
Trencher Attachment
Vibro Plate Compactor
Wide Bucket
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23-25 Ton Excavator - short radius

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Do you have

Read through the frequently asked questions below and please get in touch with our customer service team (pictured below) if there is something else you need to know.

Booking Information

How do I book a machine with Pronto Hire?

You can phone us on 0800 77 66 86 (0800 PRONTO), message us from the ‘contact us’ message box on this website, or call into our Silverdale (86 Forge Rd) or Warkworth (34 Goatley Rd) hire yard.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Do I have to book in advance?

No, but if you let us know in advance, we can do our very best to make sure the machine will be available to hire.

What if I want a machine that is not on your hire list?

We do have a number of machines not on the list, and we also purchase specific machines to suit the customers’ needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Hire Periods

Is there a minimum time I have to hire the machine?

You can hire the machine and return it as soon as you like although we have a minimum hire charge time of 1 day which gives you an allowance of 8 engine hours use (although some machines are unlimited hours, please ask us).

How does long-term hire work?

Long term hires are set at a special rate for a specified length of hire. When long term hire is requested, we work out a tailored deal to suit you as the customer, and your worksite requirements. We will provide you with the best of our machinery, in top condition.

Can I extend to long-term hire?

Yes, definitely! Simply contact the hire manager at Pronto Hire and something can be arranged for you.

What if I want to suspend the machine for a day?

If the machine is not able to be used (due to inclement weather, or holiday shutdown, for example), please contact the hire coordinator at Pronto Hire by 09:00am that morning (phone or text) and depending on the machine and circumstances we may arrange to have the machine suspended for this day.

Usually this will be charged at a 50% stand-down rate, as the machine is not able to be hired elsewhere, however you’re welcome to return the machine at your own cost, and we will suspend at 100% for the day.

In peak season, when in shortage of machines, Pronto Hire has the right to decline suspense days. We are flexible and like to work in with our customers – please be in touch and we’ll do our best for you.

Pricing & Payment

Can I work out a special hire rate with Pronto Hire?

Certainly – please get in contact with us and we will be glad to assist!

Are all prices excluding GST?

Yes, unless otherwise stated.

What are my payment options?

If you have an account opened with us, we accept bank payment, cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. Payment is due on 20th of month following invoice date.

If you do not have an account you will allow us to place a hold on your credit card or a cash payment up-front, which will include a bond, prior to the hire commencing. Then we take further payments during the hire periods (depending on the length of the hire term) and finalise it at the end of the hire period.

Please discuss your needs with us, and our friendly staff will guide you through the process.

What is Pronto Hire's Environmental Levy?

Pronto Hire charges an environmental levy on all hires; this is to ensure we continue to provide a very high standard of cleanliness to our customers on all equipment hired.

Pronto Hire has installed and maintains advanced wash bay water recycling facilities, eliminating contaminated water entering our ecosystem. The safe and authorised disposal of spoil (clay, topsoil, gravel, organic material) along with greases and contaminants from this system and oils and solvents from machinery maintenance incurs significant cost, which can no longer be fully absorbed.

Levy’s will be charged on a tiered system based on machine weight at completion of hire:
0 to 5 T $9.50 plus GST
6 T to 12 T $14.50 plus GST
13 T and above $17.50 plus GST
Attachments and Access Gear $9.50 plus GST

There is only 1 Environmental charge per contract.

All machines are cleaned and greased when returned from hire, with the first 15 minutes cleaning included in the cost of hire.
The environmental levy enables Pronto Hire to reduce our impact on the environment by operating a sustainable recycling and waste disposal system.

Lost, Theft and Damage (Insurance)

What is this?

It is an agreement by Pronto Hire to limit your liability for Lost, Theft and/or Damage down to $5000 + GST. There are certain circumstances that this does not cover such as wilful damage, negligence etc. For further details view Pronto Hire’s terms and conditions.

How do you charge Lost, Theft and Damage?

We charge 10% of the total hire cost as a Lost, Theft and Damage (LTD) waiver fee.

How do I arrange my own insurance?

This can be done by contacting your insurance company and getting them to add a clause specifically mentioning hired/rental equipment. Please send us a copy of the certificate PRIOR to the commencement of your hire, and we will waiver the insurance fee.

Do all machines have to be insured?

Unfortunately we are unable to hire out our equipment uninsured! If you do not have your own insurance cover, we can include the machines on our policy for a small fee of 10%. See above for more information.


How much do you charge for delivery and pickup?

We have our own transporters (charged at an hourly rate, depending on the size of machine being transported) for most machinery moves, and also use other haulage contractors where necessary. We will work in with them to get you the best deal!

Smaller machines such as diggers, rollers and skidsteer loaders can be transported on a tandem trailer.

Please enquire to confirm.

Can I arrange my own transport?

Yes, this is an option.

Can I freight the machine myself?

Providing you have safe towing/transport equipment, yes you can.

Is there a charge if I arrange my own transport?

Not usually, unless we have to spend significant time helping you load/unload.


Do I need a licence to drive your machines?

We do not require you to hold any licence to operate the earthmoving equipment, but the operator needs to be suitably instructed in the safe and proper use and be competent in operating it. You may like to check if there are any specific requirements to hold WTR licences on the site where you will be working. However if you are to use them on New Zealand roads, you will be legally required to have a special-type endorsement. For clarification, we recommend you refer to

Do I need to bring my drivers licence when I sign the hire contract?

Yes this is necessary that we hold a copy of your drivers licence. Please ensure you bring this with you when you call into our office.

Repairs & Servicing

What do I do if a machine breaks down?

You must contact Pronto Hire immediately!!

We will endeavour to get the machine up and running again as soon as possible.

What do I do if it looks like the machine is due for a service?

Contact Pronto Hire and we will arrange for the service to take place when and where suitable.


Is there a difference between excavators and diggers?

No, excavators are also informally known as diggers.

What is onhire/offhire?

Onhire is the date and time the hire actually started. Offhire is the date and time the machine was finished with.

Trading Hours

What are your trading hours?

Pronto Hire is open from Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm

Are you open on public holidays?

No we are not, however arrangements can be made prior and we will do our very best to ensure your needs are fulfilled and you are well looked after!