Why hire when you can buy? For MANY good reasons!!!

1. Economy;

How often do you actually use your equipment? Often, it is money spent on a machine that wont suit every job, and it will spend a lot of time in the shed. Hire from our wide range of equipment to suit every individual job.

2. Conserved Capital;

Save outlaying your precious capital, which can be otherwise used to grow your business or to purchase something for you and your family to enjoy.

3. Try before you buy;

Thinking of buying a new machine? Hire it from Pronto Hire first and ‘get the feel of it’ for a period of time, then your decision will be easier made!

4. Fast cost recovery;

When you buy something, you need enough work for it to ‘pay the machine off’ before you get money coming back in your pocket. When you hire from Pronto Hire, you get quick cash return. Also, hire is generally 100% tax deductible, over against purchasing a machine where you only claim depreciation of around 16-20% per year.

5. Maintenance costs eliminated;

You don’t have to budget to pay for breakdown repair bills – hire with a peace of mind!

6. Preserved credit;

Preserve your credit line – gives flexibility, enabling your bank to loan more to you for other purposes.

7. Goodbye to obsolescence;

No need to worry about a machine going old and rusty, or falling behind in the fast-moving world of technology. With hire, you will have access to many modern machines in our fleet range!

8. Stretched budgets;

With Pronto Hire, you will know the exact cost each week. This will eliminate budget blow-outs from owning your own machine.

9. Expense allocation;

If you are hiring for a job, you can charge it straight on. No more hidden, messy expenses … hiring from Pronto Hire makes it easy to allocate, and even easier to control.

10. Unforeseen needs satisfied;

Never run short of equipment. During peak working times, an extra machine or two can be hired from us, and you can get on with your projects without the hassle of delays, shortages and unexpected breakdowns etc!