An easy win, that one – Fiori Dumpers come out on top in terms of safety.

Have you ever thought how UNSAFE it is to drive a Thwaites dumper? As easy and efficient as they may be, Thwaites dumpers pose a significant threat to their operators.
Drivers are prone to dust being blown into their eyes, objects falling out of the skip onto them, inadequate vision when driving back/forwards, and in the worst case scenario – being hit by a digger as it swings its bucket over the skip. These are only some of the disadvantages of Thwaites dumpers over their rivals, the Fiori.

Safety threat #1

Ever thought about the amount of dust that would be blown into the eyes of a Thwaites operator? This could cause distraction and possibly even health problems.


The larger Fiori Dumpers are fitted with both ROPS and FOPS, whereas none of the Thwaites range has such protection.

Safety threat #2

As much as you trust the driver of the digger filling your skip, the objects in a digger bucket CAN be unpredictable. Drivers of Thwaites dumpers have absolutely no protection from objects falling out of the skip. Whether it is mud, stones, tree branches or concrete slabs, the driver is prone to injury sitting in an open cabin facing the skip.


As above, the larger Fiori dumpers are fitted with both ROPS and FOPS cabins, which means they are protected from falling objects such as the skip contents as demonstrated above.

Safety threat #3

Although we wouldn’t like to imagine it, with an open cabin, the operators of Thwaites dumpers are right in the ‘line of fire’ for swinging digger buckets. Obviously, the consequences of being hit by a digger are immense, and life-threatening.


Again, Fiori dumpers, with their enclosed cabin, protect the driver from the force of a swinging digger arm.

Safety Threat #4

Thwaites dumpers have a rigid seat (with no swivel) facing the skip. So in whatever direction the operator wants to drive, they have to spend the journey either looking over their shoulder or with the full skip blocking their view. Safe huh?


In contrast, the Fiori dumpers have a rotatable seat and working platform (including the steering wheel), to enable full visibility when driving in either direction.