I am excited to share a few facts about our awesome excavator – the YANMAR VIO80!! Pronto Hires Yanmar Vio80 is suitable for a variety of sites, with excellent endurance, strength and performance. The spacious and comfortable cab is ideal for working many hours, and provides an advantage by being able to work efficiently in confined spaces.

As part of the mini-concept family, the advanced 8Ton class excavator has many awesome qualities:

  • A spacious cabin
  • Being able to work close to structures due to the boom swing
  • Inside the structure is installed a boom light to protect it from damage
  • Damage by contact is able to be avoided due to the boom cylinder guard
  • Compliance with international safety standard (ROSP/OPG-1 top guard (level 1) compliant cabin, retractable seatbelt provided as standard part)
  • In case of emergency there is an External engine shut-off switch to stop the engine
  • Back-mirror provided as a standard part for checking the rear side of the excavator
  • The right hood can be opened without the use of tools, thus allowing easy checking and cleaning of parts
  • It has a sturdy pressed steel hood and allows easy access for repairs
  • Even in confined space the True Zero Tail Swing allows a smooth swing
  • Hood damage is reduced due to the underside protector


Don’t stop there, come experience our reliable and trusty machine with proven results! Call us on 0800 PRONTO or email us on hire@prontohire.co.nz and we be pleased to work with you!!