Marooka 10 Ton Rubber Track Dumper

Marooka 10 Ton Rubber Track Dumper

This rubber-tracked dumper featuring a 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, is renowned for its ability to go anywhere despite its surroundings.

Thanks to the excellent power-to-weight ratio provided by its large 6.9 litre Cummins engine and a light footprint given by its 700mm-wide rubber crawler tracks, the Marooka is ideal for tracking over soft, unstable or difficult terrain that would see wheeled dumpers turning into large ruts or getting bogged down in. This ability to ‘get going when the going gets tough’ makes it the ideal choice for enabling those difficult projects to carry on in the face of time and weather limitations.

Operator safety and comfort are taken care of here, ensuring fatigue is not an issue, with its strong floating undercarriage and suspension seat smoothing out the ride. The driver will enjoy a cabin that is fully insulated with ROPS safety, having heating and air conditioning as standard.

Models Available: Marooka

Transport Options: 8 Wheeler Truck

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