6 Ton Site Dumper – Swivel Tip

6 Ton Site Dumper – Swivel Tip

These swivel dumpers are designed for the medium to large job sites as they can hold up to 6000kgs. Due to their greater carry capacities and innovative machine technology, they increase efficiency for all those trying to work faster! The tip which is operated by hydraulics can rotate 180°, offering increased productivity with less turning and reversing to get rid of the tip contents. Another great advantage with this 180 rotation of the skip is that you can unload the contents into a trench/drain whilst driving along beside it such as putting drainage metal on top of drainage pipe. The tipper has an automatic safety lock to hold it in place while you drive around the site. They’re a stable 4wd machine allowing it to travel quickly over varying terrains.

Models Available: Thwaites

Transport Options: 4 Wheeler Truck

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