Known for its excellent durability and trusted reliability, the DX140LC model is one of the best worldwide for this class of excavators! The photograph shown to your right is one of our Pronto Hire DX140LC, where is it working on a site in Auckland. It performs to a very high standard, due to its unbeatable hydraulic and engine system.

In the overall, the DX140LC top priorities include:

  • Increased production and effectiveness
  • Improved fuel economy due to the hydraulic system’s electronic optimization and the new generation Doosan engine
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Increased comfort
  • Brilliant all-round visibility which ensures a working environment that is both pleasant and safe
  • Improved reliability due to its computer-assisted design, highly durable materials and a quality engineered structure
  • Reduced running costs
  • Reduced maintenance increasing availability

Why not hire out a DX140LC to help drive your project forward? Call into Pronto Hire or ring us on 0800 PRONTO for any inquiries.