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Growth’s Not Set to Slow Down in Auckland

With various huge projects in the pipeline, Auckland is in for some massive growth in the next five years or so. Michael Barnett, Auckland Chamber of Commerce, recently told Aucklanders that they are about to endure a “five year nightmare”, although we don’t exactly see it in that gloomy light.

With the extra work it provides our industry (think contractors, builders, engineers, plumbers, drainlayers, electricians etc …), we’re all in for some serious growth. Meanwhile, let’s put up with the extra delays and disruptions to our weekend schedules, and think about the positive impact on our businesses, and moreover – the outcomes in the near future!  Mr Barnett supported these by stating that “the end result will be a boost in Auckland’s business activity, including generation of around 10,000 more jobs in the central city and a lot of construction work over the next five or so years”

Isn’t that great news!  Pessimists aside – let’s all tap into the growth and experience the benefits in our own businesses – whatever part of the industry we’re in!

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Some of these projects include;

Pronto Hire Auckland Major Project Schedule


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