Pronto Hire DAF XF Transporter Truck

We’re Now Decked Out with a Transporter!

BREAKING NEWS:  Pronto Hire now offers delivery services (for our own equipment). More reliable, faster, cost-effective! Machinery rental with Pronto Hire just got easier!

Instead of working around contract transport schedules, we can work around you!

Our beautiful four-axle DAF XF transporter truck can carry an estimated 14,000 kg and has a deck length of about 6m, with a 1m beaver. 530hp. Plenty of ‘grunt’.

We’ve already had compliments on this service – one glowing testimonial stands out;

Your transport service is excellent! A very positive driver, friendly, easy to communicate with, can-do attitude. What a great image for the company!

Although we do not hire this vehicle out, we can now ‘complete the package’ with our competitive delivery services. Please contact us to discuss your options.

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