Bird Nest Fire Hazard

Check for Bird’s Nests

*FIRE HAZARD* At this time of the year, birds nests are a large fire risk to diggers and other machines. Birds like to build nests where it’s warm, so in and around the exhaust and motor. This could cause the engine to overheat the nest and create a fire – a very expensive way to […]

Pronto Hire Safe Machine Operator

Accidents Happen; Play it Safe

With the new health and safety law in place this month, it’s a timely reminder to think about the way we operate in the construction industry, perhaps one of the more risky areas of business. A quick Google search reveals many sad stories of fatalities, injuries and near misses in accidents related to earthmoving machines […]

Pronto Hire to the Rescue

Pronto Hire to the Rescue!

Uh oh! Mistakes happen. When one of the local businesses had their long-mast forklift roll onto its side, they were a little stuck. Pronto Hire to the rescue! Our recently-repainted Kobelco SK135 excavator saved the day. We were able to safely get the forklift back onto its wheels, and back to business. Fortunately the forklift […]

Pronto Hire - we put Driver Safety First

The Safe Dumper; Fiori vs Thwaites

An easy win, that one – Fiori Dumpers come out on top in terms of safety. Have you ever thought how UNSAFE it is to drive a Thwaites dumper? As easy and efficient as they may be, Thwaites dumpers pose a significant threat to their operators. Drivers are prone to dust being blown into their […]

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