Pronto Hire DAF XF Transporter Truck

We’re Now Decked Out with a Transporter!

BREAKING NEWS:  Pronto Hire now offers delivery services (for our own equipment). More reliable, faster, cost-effective! Machinery rental with Pronto Hire just got easier! Instead of working around contract transport schedules, we can work around you! Our beautiful four-axle DAF XF transporter truck can carry an estimated 14,000 kg and has a deck length of […]

Pronto Hire Syrinx

New Hire Program Goes Live!

At Pronto Hire, we want to make everything easier for our customers – so you can focus on the job, and we can focus on you. For a number of months, we conducted some fairly heavy research for software that would make our hire processes faster, more efficient and reliable. We’ve recently partnered with Syrinx® […]

Pronto Hire 3 New Kubotas Line Up

Good Things Come in Threes

We’ve just had a trio of **BRAND NEW** Kubota U55s Excavators arrive in our yard today – latest model, spec’d with all the latest gadgets and tools. We are delighted to offer these new beauties to our customers!! The season is upon us, the sun is fast approaching, and these guys will be in hot […]

Shape Up for Spring Pronto Hire

Shape Up for Spring

At last, spring has arrived! September 1st; the long-awaited date! We had a fairly mild winter, and surprisingly (a good surprise!) not many jobs were ground to a halt this year. The weather didn’t seem to deter the numerous machines buzzing throughout the Auckland region. Now that the daffodils are in bloom, and the ground […]

Auckland City Lights Pronto Hire

Green Light for the Unitary Plan!

The Auckland Council’s new planning rulebook, or Unitary Plan, has been passed by councillors this afternoon!   The plan allows for intensification on a scale the city has never seen and opened up more rural land for houses. It will decide where and how Aucklanders will live, work and play for the next 30 years. […]

Sunrise Construction Site Pronto Hire

We’re Here for our Locals!

Pronto Hire is excited to support a local contractor with *FREE* machines for their upcoming operator training program. Two Hydrema dumpers and a brand new Kubota U55 digger are headed for the training site today. We wish them the best of luck with their qualifications.   We have worked alongside a number of training agencies […]

Residential Construction Auckland Pronto Hire

Auckland Unitary Plan; Its Arrived

The future of Auckland has been revealed. At 1:30pm this afternoon, the Auckland Council released the new proposed Unitary Plan, which recommends more urban sprawl and greater intensification. From removed residential density controls, to increased terraced housing and apartments, to significantly more growth in the outskirts – Auckland is in for some big changes. And […]

Housing Development Auckland Pronto Hire

Get Your Runners On – There’s Even More Ahead

It’s no surprise that there is talk of an “Auckland-driven $37billion construction boom ahead”. Hands up those who want to be a part of it! As for those who speculate a burst in the housing bubble, it doesn’t appear to be very soon. Spend a couple of hours in the construction hives of Auckland and […]

Pronto Hire Auckland Construction Cranes

Our Skyline: more Cranes than Planes

Well, that headline isn’t verified, but Auckland is definitely seeing more cranes in the sky than ever before. There are 47 cranes throughout Auckland city currently, a sign that the construction boom is not set to slow down in the near future. Cranes not only in the Auckland centre, but also scattered on various construction […]

Fiori Family

The Fiori Family

Dad, mum, baby. D100, D70, D40. At Pronto Hire, we have numerous sized dump trucks, the Fiori range being a popular choice for their ability to side-tip. Come in for a look! You’ll be surprised at how versatile and quick these machines are.   Download spec sheets here; Pronto Hire Fiori D40 Dumper Pronto Hire […]

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