This Hydrema Never Gives Up!

This Hydrema Never Gives Up!!

It has been well known not only by the Pronto Hire drivers and customers, but many around the world that the 912HM never gives up!! It has proven to be of high quality and reliability, engineered and produced to give many years of solid performance. This Hydrema is a popular choice among drivers as it is […]

Pronto Hire’s SH210 Excavator

Meet Our Sumitomo 21 Ton Excavator!!

Who wouldn’t want to operate at such a scenic location? Here is Pronto Hire’s Sumitomo SH210 21ton Excavator working beside East Coast Road in the Coromandel. On the other side is the beautiful Bay – the Firth of Thames, which is inlet between the rivers Waihou and Piako. This Sumitomo excavator is quite popular with […]

Here is Pronto Hires CX145C-SR!!

Drive Your Projects Forward with our CX145C-SR!!

The CX145C-SR is a great excavator used for all types of projects! Here at Pronto Hire we have numerous excavators, including this CASE which in the photograph is working on a Silverdale site during a beautiful February day. Designed to increase productivity, the CASE SR machines offer easier and safer operation with better performance, while […]

Pronto Hire DX140LC

Don’t Miss Our DX140LC!!

Known for its excellent durability and trusted reliability, the DX140LC model is one of the best worldwide for this class of excavators! The photograph shown to your right is one of our Pronto Hire DX140LC, where is it working on a site in Auckland. It performs to a very high standard, due to its unbeatable […]

Pronto Hire Fruit Jubes!!

Sugar Hit with Hire!!

Pronto Hire now gives a packet of fruit jubes with every hire! Enjoy these tangy fruit flavored treats on or off the machines. We appreciate YOUR CONTRIBUTION to our business, and we love working with every customer to help you get what you want, where you want. We hope these will increase your satisfaction and […]

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