Pronto Hire Auckland Construction

Growth’s Not Set to Slow Down in Auckland

With various huge projects in the pipeline, Auckland is in for some massive growth in the next five years or so. Michael Barnett, Auckland Chamber of Commerce, recently told Aucklanders that they are about to endure a “five year nightmare”, although we don’t exactly see it in that gloomy light. With the extra work it […]

Pronto Hire to the Rescue

Pronto Hire to the Rescue!

Uh oh! Mistakes happen. When one of the local businesses had their long-mast forklift roll onto its side, they were a little stuck. Pronto Hire to the rescue! Our recently-repainted Kobelco SK135 excavator saved the day. We were able to safely get the forklift back onto its wheels, and back to business. Fortunately the forklift […]

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