Pronto Hire 20Ton digger lifts 2Ton digger

No access, No worries!

Don’t let a steep slope or a narrow entranceway stop you from completing the project! There’s always other machines you can hire to get you into/out of the ‘tight spot’. Recently, we used a 20Ton digger to lift a 2Ton digger to its ‘tight spot’ … at the bottom of a steep slope, and in a […]

Pronto Hire Work continuing on the Silverdale Yard

Silverdale Yard Nearing Completion!

Since our last post, there has been a great improvement to the main branch in Silverdale. Trees have been cleared, new fences erected, new metal poured, the yard levelled, buildings relocated from Wellsford to Silverdale, and much more … whew! To keep up to date with every ounce of progress, please follow us on LinkedIn – check […]

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